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John Very fast delivery. I recommend the Seller. 2018-05-13

Bob Great site, top products, good prices, fast delivery. 2018-05-10

Pekka The marchandise has been sent very promptly. 2018-05-4

Ivan My skimmer works 100% and arrived quickly. 2018-04-3

Barry High quality products, excellent seller! 2018-03-27

Mike Good Price, Good Support. 2018-03-24

Brown Fast shipping, best service, no problems 2018-02-23

Godwin Easy to use, skimmer arrived in short time 2018-02-22

Ali Very good site, fast delivery. 2018-02-20

Allan My skimmer works 100% and arrived quickly! 2018-02-02

Sloane Prompt Delivery Excellent Service 2018-02-01

Jeffrey i just get my GSM Data Receiver so happy with my purchase, I will soon place my second order 2018-01-30

Ahmed Fast money! 2018-01-18

Paul Thank you guys for fast delivery 2018-01-17

Greg Skimmers of high quality that works perfectly, I will soon place my second order 2017-01-13

Louis +++++ 2017-09-29

Cheng My ordered skimmer arrived after 5 days by DHL and works perfectly, thanks 2017-09-25

Paulo Get my order after 5 days, thanks! 2017-09-20

Jose Easy money making, thanks guys! 2017-09-17

Jerry Skimmer works 100% 2017-09-12

Ivan Good buy 2017-09-07

Andrew Thanks for a good deal 2017-08-28

Brian Legit 2017-08-17

Kim Very good product and support 2017-08-09

Barry Thank you for quick delivery of my GSM receiver 2017-08-01

Ivan Very good shop 2017-07-27

Tom Skimmer works perfect 2017-07-22

James Thanks for a good deal! 2017-07-17

Diego Ordered a Gas Pump Skimmer, it Works perfect 2017-07-13

Connor Thanks guys! 2017-07-08

Vladislav Very good shop 2017-06-28

Alexander Very pleased with my Diebold skimmer, works perfectly 2017-06-17

Anton Skimmers with high quality, highly recommended 2017-06-09

Cornelio Thank you for fast delivery 2017-06-02

Erling This is the best job I ever had! 2017-05-28

Dakarai Incredibly good customer service 2017-05-23

Huang Thank, you are really a bunch of top guys! 2017-05-16

Alois This is the best thing that has happened to me, so easy 2017-05-05

Asbjorn My restaurant job has been very well paid after I bought my Wireless Skimmer! 2017-04-29

Achmed Buying my new Porsche soon 2017-04-22

Beaufort Will definitely buy more skimmer for deployment on multiple ATM 2017-04-13

Adolfo So fast and easy-earned money++++ 2017-04-05

Tommy Thanks for a good deal! 2017-03-21

Addai Definitely I will come back and buy more skimmers. 2017-03-17

Michael Very pleased with my purchase. 2017-03-13

Andrei Fast delivery of my NCR ATM Skimmer Kit. 2017-03-09

Jared Great price! 2017-03-01

Abbas Great shop strongly recommend. 2017-02-26

Tim Good deal thanks. 2017-02-21

Niel I received the product on time as expected. 2017-02-16

Aksel Arrived as expected. 2017-02-09

Tom Awesome GSM Data Receiver. 2017-02-03

Derek Great buy!! 2017-01-30

Dequan Very happy with my purchase, price, shipping and arrival time! 2017-01-24

Jakob Everything Works Just Great. 2017-01-17

Mohammad The purchaser was pleased especially that it has GSM. 2017-01-09

Tom Good skimmer, works 100%. No problems. 2017-01-03

Liam Definitely recommend! 2016-12-30

Steve Great buy 2016-12-22

Mario Would buy a skimmer from this seller again. 2016-12-11

Christian LOVE my skimmers! 2016-12-06

Bill No complaints here. 2016-11-29

Steven Best skimmer! This is the second skimmer I buy from this shop. 2016-11-24

Fred Fast and flexible. 2016-11-19

Denzel i just get my skimmer, can not wait a long time to test it, yes !! 2016-11-14

Roy Easy shopping fast shipping. 2016-11-07

Paul Very reliable business. 2016-10-28

Akinyi Will buy agian for sure. 2016-10-19

Ali Easy ordering they walk me thru the whole process. 2016-10-11

Steinar Fast shipping easy shopping. 2016-10-03

David Will comeback again for more skimmers. 2016-09-30

Victor i got a great price on Gas Pump Skimmer. 2016-09-23

Stein Absolutely perfect, thank you! 2016-09-20

John Responded quickly for my questions. 2016-09-16

Alexander My RFID Reader arrived arrived after four days. 2016-09-09

Jose Great service. Thank you! 2016-09-05

Lucas Easy, quick ordering process. 2016-08-29

Bill Brilliant service! These guys are extremely helpful. 2016-08-24

Steve They are very good, fastest delivery. 2016-08-19

Cheng Excellent service and great prices, along with fast shipping. 2016-08-05

Bruce Reliable darknet vendor. 2016-07-29

Brian I placed my order on the Thursday evening for a Diebold ATM Skimmer, it arrived after five days. 2016-07-27

Frank Fast shipping, best service, no problems. 2016-07-19

Carl Fast delivery, Thanks! 2016-07-11

Ahmed My skimmer was lost in the post so a replacement was sent immediately and arrived 3 days later. 2016-07-05

Dennis Excellent Service and arrive on time. 2016-06-29

Scott I would highly recommend this webshop, first class service and product. 2016-06-14

Paul Very happy with purchase. 2016-06-06

Steve Promptly replies to queries. Thank you for your time. 2016-05-27

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